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Lower Speeds & Packet Loss

Hi All,

I am on the Virgin 350M Package

For the last few months, I've been getting around 180M download speeds never getting any faster, I used to get about 360-370 no problem. Nothing has changed physically on my network. 

I use my Virgin Hub in Modem Mode with an ASUS DSL-AC88U Router. I am always on a wired connection. 

Recently I have been suffering Packet Loss on Games & Discord is reporting packet loss too.

I have run new ethernet cables to my router to bypass all switches and also went back to using the virgin hub as my router to no avail. 

I have done a Quality Monitor Think Broadband (See attached image).

Virgin is sending me a new router but have read that packet loss isn't at the fault of the provider usually. 

I was wondering if anyone else has had any similar issues and could provide some insight into what the problem could be or if the replacement hub is likely to solve the issue?


Netwrok Graph.png

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Lower Speeds & Packet Loss

You need to allow ICMP requests on your router otherwise the graph will be constantly red. 

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Re: Lower Speeds & Packet Loss

I was wondering if .... if the replacement hub is likely to solve the issue?

It might.  But if I were running a betting shop I'd be giving 5 to 1 against.  Because the Hub 3 is such a low cost, cheapskate affair (now approaching obsolescence) replacing one is a cheap, quick easy response by both VM support staff and even field technicians.  But most of the time there's nothing wrong with the hub, it's the quality of the cable connection., but that usually needs more time and skill to diagnose and fix.

But I suppose we'd better wait and see.

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