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Low bandwidth , Slow and constant loss of connection

Joining in

Ever since having Virgin installed we have had to periodically restart the hub due to poor speeds.

last few days we have had to do this every few hours

cannot use the media boxes reliably due to slow connection .

Wife works from home and if anyone else uses internet the video lags and eventually disconnects


we have 2 Virgin wifi pods coverage is good just the connection is totally unreliable 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi markl73, thanks for the post on our help forum.


We're sorry to hear about the issue with slow speeds on your devices connecting to the home network.

Would you please let us know if this happens on both wired and wireless connections or just when you connect via the pods and not directly to your hub?

Also, can you please check and tell us if any lights come up on your pods while plugged on?


Let us know how things go wince you last posted here and if you still need help with this, we're happy to further assist you.

Forum Team

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Hi Adri,

Thanks for the reply.

all our devices connect via wifi … there are no lights on the hub or any of the pods.

if I restart the hub usually everything settles down.

The major issues is we cannot use zoom etc for working from home without major lag and cannot run an Ethernet cable from the hub to the office.

did consider moving a pod to the office to then plug direct to that see if that helped  but then lose coverage . I think on my package I can get another one ?

when it works it’s great but media boxes losing connection to the hub 

hub losing connection to internet 

and when wifi is connecting still random if speed is going to be fast enough.

Shame as waiting years for cable but can see me going back to bt and sky when contract ends 

Thanks for the response and your feedback on this markl73, this helps us understand more on the issues faced.

I will be more than happy to help out with this, we will need to perform a few checks to see if it's the wireless signal coverage being poor that's causing this and I will gladly send you another pod in this case (you're can add up to 3, FYI)

Before we do this, please check the below and advise if they all apply already:

Choose somewhere roughly halfway between where you’re experiencing poor WiFi signal and your Hub (no more than one floor or two rooms apart from each other).

Your WiFi Pod connects via WiFi to your Hub, so it’s really important your Hub and your Pod are out in the open (not tucked behind the TV or furniture) and your WiFi Pod is plugged into a socket with a good amount of open space around it. (main socket, does not work on extension sockets)

If the current setup is not performing as expected try repositioning the Intelligent WiFi Pod to a different position within the home and retest to see if performance has improved.

Please, confirm once you've done this and I will be able to assist further.

Forum Team

New around here? Check out the do's and don'ts, in our Community FAQs

Hi Adri,

I wanted to test various locations of the wifi pods of which I do have three.

afraid I’m constantly having to reboot the router .

or the wifi pod that’s in an extension.

if I reboot the hub and the wifi pods I can achieve 130- 330mb depending on how close to the hub I am 

however we still struggle to stream devices if I’m streaming something on YouTube on the Virgin Media box then often my wife’s teams meetings drops or lags.

The media box frequently shows a poor connection to the hub requiring the hub to be rebooted.

as it stands while the hub speed is great the wifi connection is so unreliable we can’t do our work from home or use the on demand services.
our previous bt adsl while slower was rock solid and great coverage.

I fear when my contract is up I won’t be renewing it after waiting years for cable in my area .

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Thank you for your reply markl73. 

I am sorry to hear relocating the equipment has not help. 

With this being the case, we will need to run a few more checks from our side. 

I will pop a message over to the purple envelope on the top right of this page now. 

Speak soon, 



You'll find the Internet is fine. The issue is the Hub, from any ISP all ISP routers aren't up to the job. 

If you can source an external router to test something with WiFi AC and put the Hub into modem mode you'll find you'll eliminate all the problems.

Problem is many people won't or can't be bothered as the excuse is "I shouldn't have too." Well you to eliminate problems and if you  don't try something different you're just going around in circles.

I've always used my own router and never once had to ring Virgin about WiFi issues etcnonly when the physical connection is slow because of external factors.