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Low Download speed

Tuning in

Hi.. I am getting experiencing buffering on streaming, so did some speedtest to see what was happening. I have used a number of speedtest site and all test of download is less than 90Mbps.

My service should be 350Mbps, which I have been getting, with the occasional drop of to 250Mbps. I have checked virginmedia broadband status and test ok with no issues found. 

My network is configured with Hub3 in modem mode and my TPLink router serving dhcp ip address to my network devices. Testing with mobile devices returns 86-69Mbps. My PC connected with cable to router test similar speeds.

Any Ideas or insight on what is going on here?   I check again later today

Here are speed for the last 5 months:

Date                               Down HTTPx6 Down HTTPx1 Upstream    IP Address  ISP
Sun 01/01/2023 01:31   82.89 Mbps      82.07 Mbps     35.82 Mbps Virgin Media
Fri 16/12/2022 17:43     388.05 Mbps    368.51 Mbps   36.00 Mbps Virgin Media
Mon 31/10/2022 23:06  384.53 Mbps    350.80 Mbps   36.55 Mbps Virgin Media
Sat 24/09/2022 21:05    387.46 Mbps    249.23 Mbps   35.96 Mbps Virgin Media
Wed 21/09/2022 00:57  384.56 Mbps    372.20 Mbps   36.09 Mbps Virgin Media
Fri 16/09/2022 21:45     291.66 Mbps    106.35 Mbps   30.56 Mbps Virgin Media
Sun 11/09/2022 15:25   287.43 Mbps    281.60 Mbps   12.37 Mbps Virgin Media
Tue 06/09/2022 23:08   294.77 Mbps    240.70 Mbps   30.72 Mbps Virgin Media


Alessandro Volta
Test with a new CAT6 cable in modem mode without a router.

I already have the virgin router connected to my TPLink router with a cat7 cable, so that is not an issue.  I have tested with the virgin router in both modes, and it makes no difference.

The connection speed does not go above 90Mbps. It's appears as though the line in capped at that low speed. I have no idea when that would have started, or how long it has been in that state.

I would have to speak to the help desk tomorrow


Whats the model of the device running slow?

All Devices. xiaomi mobile phones, huawei tablet and Asus self-built Desktop PC. I have tried them all, wifi and ethernet makes no difference speed never goes over 90Mbps.

Whats the NIC on the Asus?
If its a Intel I225/I226 LAN use drivers

What model is your TP link router?

Unless Virginmedia have made some upgrade to the hub that I am unaware of. I fail to understand the reasoning for asking about the NIC or TP Link router. You do not know what OS (Windows, MAC or Linux) I am using. And you suggesting the driver may need updating

I will raise this speed issue with VM help desk tomorrow..


Thanks for your post on our Community Forums @rexxvaldis, and I'm sorry to hear of the slow speeds.

Have you possibly tried running the speed test in modem mode from the router, as oppose from the third party router with a Cat 6 or above cable?

This would rule out any faults or issue with the 3rd party router.

Kindest regards,


Hi.. Yes I tried the test from the hub3 connected to my PC, and the results was the same.

However the speed suddenly increases to 300+ Mbps some time between 23:00 01/01/2023 and 20:32 02/01/2023. as you can see from the listing from the link below.

The only thing strange here is, since the speed increased all sites I have used to do a speedtest , none goes above 332/333 Mbps. it have note returned to pre-december figures. However what it returns now, is nearer to what I should expect if not the level I was getting last year.

PS. Is the service capped?

The line seems to have stabblize at around 330Mbps with most of the test I have done