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Late packets, internet quality, gaming

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Could someone please tell me why I have so may delayed packets on my otherwise fine internet connection? It basically results in really bad lags in gaming, see graph with ping spikes. Is there a way to fix this from my side or do I need to raise this with VM?

Thanks for any advice. 

Internet (1).png


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On our wavelength

Thank you for allowing me to cancel my contract. For an entire month I tried everything, but nothing worked. It's the same high utilisation issue in West London from years ago, gamers beware.

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Alessandro Volta

your BQM is not to your VM WAN IP might be that you used a VPN?


On our wavelength

Hi, sadly same internet quality today. I checked today, not using a VPN. Any ideas how to fix it?


Hi yobama


Thank you for your post and welcome to our community.

I am sorry to hear about the service issues you are having.

Do you have the hub in modem mode?

Have you rebooted the hub recently?

Please pop back to us when you can. 



Vikki - Forum Team

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On our wavelength

Hi Tech team, thanks for getting back to me.

The hub is not in modem mode. I have also rebooted and there are no issues reported in the area. The problem persists and today the BQM looks even worse.

Before I left VM a few years back, after having been a customer for 10 years, a team manager from VM confined in me that the issue is overutilisation in the Ealing area. This was after we had tried everything to solve the issues, with engineer visits etc. Has the network been upgraded over the past few years? Any other ideas how to solve this?


Internet (1).pngThanks


The Packet Loss Test website can show any connection as great of grim at the push of a slider and selection of a local / distant server.

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Thank you for your reply, but this packet loss website allows you to select UK servers and specify other parameters. Also, it's consistent with BQM and more importantly with my user experience. Late at night the packet loss website shows a well-functioning connecting which is consistent with my user experience.

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Hi Vikki,

After having read about VM overutilisation on the forum, I’m pretty sure that my internet quality issues are caused by this and cannot be resolved. It’s the same issue why I left VM a few years back, as I was told overutilisation problems could only be fixed by installing new network infrastructure, which appears to not have happend.

Could you please speak to someone in your technical team and ask them about over-utilisation in my area?
I would like to then propose two options:

(1) If there is no overutilisation then sending an engineer might fix the problem.

(2) If there is over-utilisation then I would like to cancel my VM contract and move to a different provider with a more reliable quality connection.

I have tried the customer support phone line but was disconnected after having waited for over 1h in the queue.

Below are two graphs illustrating a deterioration in my internet quality specifically during peak hours.

Thank you for your help.

Internet (1).png

Hi Yobama 👋

Thanks for getting back in touch with this additional information - including your concerns, and BQM Data screenshots. 

Having had a look into this further for you, there are a few disconnections showing on your hub network in the past week, but no issues in the local area accept for a small amount of SNR. 

SNR (signal to noise ratio) is just a technical term for interference of the Broadband signal caused by noise which ingresses on to our network. It's a difficult problem to locate and diagnose because noise can ingress anywhere on the network. As a general rule it's normally caused by customer equipment e.g. loose connections or 3rd party equipment attached to our network. However it can also be attributable to local architecture, e.g street cabinets, cabling or at the origin of the signal which we call the Headend (servers/routing system). The only way to establish where the noise is originating is for the Network Techs to run a series of trace routes. Once found then the cause dictates the amount of work required and the time frame for resolution. 

We have also taken away your feedback of concern and have looked into the high utilisation for you. We are aware of some SNR, traffic and signalling happening intermittently in your area at the moment, and we and the networks team are monitoring this for you at the moment. At this time there is no cause for an outage, but if you can please keep us updated if things change at your end?

If you can also post a live BQM rather than screenshots this will help us so we can check this in real time for you against our own data. 

Thank you for your patience in the meantime! We appreciate these kinds of connection issues can be frustrating! 

Wishing you all the best. 🌞


On our wavelength

Hi Molly

Thank you for your detailed response. Some of the outages on the BQM were related to restarting, resetting, and updating the router multiple times, as suggested by VM online diagnostic tool.

I would also like to add what multiple technician visits, about 2 years ago before I cancelled my VM subscription found no fault with my rooter and replaced the cabling from the street to my house.

The engineers stated that it has nothing to do with my end of the connection but was caused by insufficient local network infrastructure. One of the call centre supervisors suggested something similar, that the cause was likely to stem from overselling contracts in my area. I do not know if this is still the issue but hope this might help narrow down the cause during your current investigation. 

Thank you for looking into this for me.

The link to my live BQM below: