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Lack of Speed in another room

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Recently renewed my contract, changed broadband speed to 350, it's super fast throughout the house apart from son's bedroom where his xbox is, at the back of the house.  The download of games takes forever.  Download speed 51.4 mbps!!!!  Is there anything I can do to help make the WiFi signal stronger in that room?  I am not tec savvy, so simple terms would be fantastic!!!!   Many Thanks 


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person
Download speed of ~51Mbps is plenty fast enough for any game downloads - something is not configured correctly on the xbox or it is misreporting the speeds.

That said.... There are lots of options for improving wifi speeds which we can go into.... however, before trying them - can you easily run an ethernet cable from the Hub to the bedroom - if so that affords the best solution. Or this might be good - but others on here dont like them...

My lad is a serious internet gamer who thinks wifi is the work of Satan and should never be used for gaming. Ethernet cabling your devices is always the best way to go, but running cable to his room was problematic. So he uses a pair of Solwise AC1200 powerline adapters. His PC/Xbox/PS3 can now all be "wired" - with short Cat6 cables – back to the wireless router downstairs and he gets a solid 60-70Mbps on our V200 package - he hasn't complained once in years!

Worth considering whether that will work for your house on your mains circuits, the two circuits must go through the same consumer unit/fuse box (most do) and be free of any "noise". You can also add a wifi access point alongside to boost that up there as well. Or some PA’s have built in wifi too - look at the TP-Link offerings.



I do not work for VM. My services: HD TV on VIP (+ Sky Sports & Movies & BT sport), x3 V6 boxes (1 wired, 1 WiFi, 1 on PA) Hub5 in modem mode with Apple Airport Extreme Router +2 Airport Express's. On 250Mbps, Talk Anytime Phone, x2 Mobile SIM only iPhones.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey @gino_harry and welcome to the community.

I'm sorry to hear of the issues that you're having with your WiFi connection, have you followed the steps on our site to help improve your connection? If not, you can find them here.

Have you reported the issues to the team at all?