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Issues with Broadband and Ping Lag


I have had consistent issues with my broadband speeds and ping/lag/packet loss over the last 6-8 weeks, this is making working from home and living alone unbearable. I can barely use the internet for my work, streaming services or my Playstation (which i use to socialise as I can't leave the house at this current time).

I pay 80 pound a month for a service that is barely crawling along. The only part of the service that works without fault is the tv but then again no new programmes are coming out due to the pandemic, so thats almost exhausted and not worth the money. 

I first called Virgin at Christmas to talk to a lady who informed me the internet was being worked on in my area, and would be finished 25th Jan '21, I then rang again on the 27th Jan and the lady put the phone down on me mid sentence and I couldn't get back through, so I rang the cancellation team and I was put through to a chap who said it would be fixed by the 8th February.

Well heres where I'm at now.

Screen Shot 2021-02-10 at 18.49.28.png

As you can see this is completely unacceptable and is causing real issues with my mental health and now my days are full of frustration at not being able to work efficiently, or have any real downtime to do the things I enjoy and the reason I paid for the best package at the time of joining.

I understand I can cancel my contract if this isn't sorted by the 18th February and this is exactly what i plan to do if this can't be resolved.


PS. I've tried the dummies guide to solving my issues and they were all useless.



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Re: Issues with Broadband and Ping Lag

Hi SthLdnMB


I have checked the account and can see that you are suffering with congestion on the network, the fault number for this is F008074424  and the estimated fix time for this has been moved to the 15th March 2021. Chris. 

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