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Is this normal? High ping spikes


I am experiencing really bad lag on my internet. Every couple of days I have to reboot the router to even be able to use the internet with close to the speeds we are paying for. Just before you start, I am not the bill payer but when talking with the bill payer, he said he has not been offered up to date equipment. We are still on the Hub 1.0 which is extremely old and the TV box is very very slow too. I find it ridiculous that you haven't offered to upgrade his equipment and when he asked last time he renewed his contract, he got told that they won't be sending new equipment.

We are on 100mb broadband with a TV package (not sure what package but shouldn't matter), in my previous address I was on 100mb with virgin and didn't have these problems with up to date equipment. 

Is there anything I can do to avoid having to reboot the router every day?

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