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Internet only fast over VPN


I've run into a strange issue that I can't seem to convey to the technical support team.

For the last few weeks at least, and possible longer, I have found that downloading things from seemingly random services such as Netgear, Ubisoft & Razer to name a few is so painfully slow that after a brief few seconds, downloads from those providers will just grind to a halt.

Going from a 500Mbps connection to <1Mbps for that download attempt.

Notably, my connection will be at full speed if I try download from other services, such as Steam, or if I run a prolonged speed test.

If I then connect myself to NordVPN to a UK host, and restart the downloads from the originally slow providers, the speeds will jump straight back up to what I would expect to see, which points me towards Virgin Media either throttling my connection to certain places/hosts, or, they have a bunch of congestion that is not being flagged up by their tests or mentioned anywhere.

If it was a temporary congestion, I wouldn't expect to see it mentioned, but given this has been ongoing for a while now, and their teams are not able to provide support, I feel this needs some more thorough investigative work.

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Re: Internet only fast over VPN

Are you using any third party DNS servers as some do not allow for the optimum routes from major CDNs?
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