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Internet keeps going slow or dropping off

HI My internet is getting very slow or dropping out all the time, 

I had an engineer out in November who said that there had been a fault at the box in the road but that was all sorted and should be fixed, but not even 2 months later the same issue is happening again, 

It is impossible to get hold of Virgin on the phone, and the twitter customer service rep sent me here.

What is the solution here other than me cancelling my Virgin package?


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Forum Team
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Re: Internet keeps going slow or dropping off

Hi Danz04, 

Thanks for posting on our community forums. Sorry to hear that you're having ongoing issues with your internet connection having regular dropouts. 

We certainly understand your frustration due to these disruptions.

Can we ask when your internet drops its it on all devices connected or just certain ones?

Also are you connected through a wired or wireless connection?

I have just run a quick diagnostics test from our end, and it is advising me that you have not rebooted your hub in 94 days. 

Can you give your hub a reboot and come back to us once this has been done.

We have also included an addition help link here.

Kind regards Jodi. 


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