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Internet keeps getting worse

Hello there! New user here. I have tried to contact Virgin for help multiple times, so I thought I'd try posting on the forum instead. 

Started using VM back in August (the 50mb package), and it was all fine and dandy (with the exception of the occasional disconnect) until around January. I live in a student flat with three other people (who are all frequently streaming or playing games) so slow-downs are of course to be expected. However, we are often victims of insane lag, to the point where not even Google will load. This usually happens in the evenings, around 4-7pm, and can last for hours. At first we thought it was because we were all home, but this has happened even when one is home alone (and it's not always the same person). This used to be a rare happening, but lately it has just kept getting worse.

I have tried the usual easy fixes:
- restarting the router (no matter how many times I do this, it never gets better)
- moving the box around
- tightening all cables
- resetting the router to factory settings
- switching off all devices save for one

Sometimes it helps, but usually we just have to wait for this 'lag period' to be over.

Calling VM twice, two different phone operators have told me there is an issue in the area that will be resolved shortly, even if I try to explain this is a recurring thing. In the end I just give up in frustration. I have only once been able to get through via web chat, but that was ways back when I had questions about billing. No matter how many times I try the web chat now, I always get the same message: 'all our agents are busy.'

Thought I'd try asking for some suggestions on how to better my situation or how to squeeze some proper help from VM before switching to something else.


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Forum Team
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Re: Internet keeps getting worse

Hi bearhunter, 

Welcome to the forums, I am sorry to see you have been having trouble with your connection. 

I have taken a look and it seems you are affected by fault ref F004655470 for slow speeds at peak times. The current review date is 28/06/2017. Please give this thread a bump closer to the time and we will get an update on this for you. 

Additionally, I can see that your downstream power levels are way too low. I would like to get an engineer out to correct this for you. I will pop you a PM to get this arranged. Keep an eye out for the Purple Envelope, top right hand corner. 

Speak to you soon. 


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