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Internet Connection Issues - Constantly Dropping

Hi All,

I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction.
As of late my connection has been absoultely terrible.  I am on the 350 connection and up until now I have been getting 380 meg ( wirelessly consistenly ).  Over the last few weeks the connection has been dropping ( and can be seen on the router ) Hard wired is going from 100 to 160 max at the moment.

I have called the centre today ( 4 times ) and been hung up on twice.  There is deffinately an issue with the connection but I cant seem to get anyone to fix it! ( hung up on first occassion because i said I wasnt happy getting 150 on a 350 meg connection ) ( 2nd time the agent was doing a reset and during the reset I was told it was fixed ( even though the router wasnt even back online ) I had asked for them to stay on the line while i checked but they hung up..  I have to admit the service its absoultely shocking.. I really just want to know who I can contact or if someone can point me in the right direction.



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Re: Internet Connection Issues - Constantly Dropping

Hi Patrick, thanks for getting in touch.


Sorry to hear about the problems you've had with your connection. I was able to checking things over from here and there are no obvious wider issues & everything otherwise appears to be fine really.


Can you please upload your Hub/network connection details so we can get a better idea of what's happening at your end when the issues occur? If you're unsure how:
In your browser’s URL box type in  (or - if in modem mode) and hit return. Click on the “router status” icon at top right (SuperHub2) or the text at bottom-middle of first page up (Hub3) and then copy/paste 3 full sets of data onto here – from the downstream, upstream, &  network logs pages. Please don’t include personal data or MAC addresses -  if you copy/paste the data the forum software should blank them out for you. 


You can also set up a free “Broadband Quality Monitor” to continually monitor the state of your connection and record any issues.  It does it 24/7/365 and it keeps a visual record of any/all of your network disconnections.


Keep us posted,




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