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Internet Broken For 3 Months

Hi All,

Hoping someone can help me out here, I’m at my wits end with virgin media.

For 3 months, I’ve had no upload speed. When I say no upload, I’m on M500, I get about 250Mbps down and 0.5-5 Mbps up. It’s unusable for video calls so I’m hotspotting with my phone stuck on the window.

I’ve had 3 engineers out, we’ve replaced all cabling and terminators from my house to the street cab, including checking the drop cable.

running a test modem from the street cab, it’s getting 5Mbps at the cabinet - for the entire street. That combined with what looks like a lot of noise affecting my 4 upstream channels. I suspect a combined SNR/circuit capacity issue as uploads get a lot better in the late evening (20+Mbps).

I’ve called in at least 3 times a week for 3 months. The ‘fix’ deadline just keeps getting moved. The engineers that come can’t do anything because it’s a ‘network issue’. The phone team are powerless to assist or have no idea what SNR is or just hang up. I’ve asked to speak to the area manager about 10 times now and nobody can get hold of them.

I opened a complaint, it’s been closed with nobody attempting to contact me. I’ve got a letter from VM saying I can go to CEDR which I have done and awaiting an update from them but I just want my internet fixed ASAP! Is there really nothing VM can do?

In addition I’ve just got an email about a price rise, and I’m in the minimum term. So it’s all going very wrong.

If anyone can help me get this to the attention of the forum team, I have 3 months of timeline, incident reference numbers, speed tests, literally everything needed to do something about it if only 1 person at VM would. Please help!

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