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Intermittent speeds

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Since upgrading to gig1 speed has been awful. First few days it was down to around 200, not a problem, then for a couple of weeks it was up and down, 800 sometimes (excellent) then back down to 200 (still useable). 
Virgin media sent me an email saying they had noticed speed is irregular and they will be in touch soon, that was at the beginning of March. 
since the national outage a few weeks back, speed is ridiculous, 8mbs some days, down to 1mbs on others. Blazing fast at 80mbs sometimes but that is usually after a factory reset of the router ( pinhole thing)  within a couple of hours it’s back to single figures which results in another reset , and we go around in circles. 5 times today.

done all the things virgin are saying to check, cables, plugs , reboots etc. then they say there is an issue and to check back in 24 hours, and we go around in circles there also, each time they say check back in 24 hours.

wish I’d never upgraded and stuck to my old package, at least it was consistent at around 300mbs. 
is there any suggestions, other than smashing the router against the wall and possibly setting fire to it.

any help is appreciated 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi evan1,

Thanks for posting, and sorry to hear you've been having some issues with the connection.

I've had a look at things from our side, and can see you've been able to get in touch to arrange a technician. 

Let us know how this goes.


Joining in

So now I’m super impressed. Phoned vm on Sunday, technician was here on Tuesday. 
replaced a cable from the splitter to router and also did something in the box at the end of the street, (moved us up) or something like that. 
speed is amazingly fast now, faster than its ever been and up to now, It’s consistent.

big thank you to vm for the service they have given, I can’t ask for more. And I’ve learned a valuable lesson. Both the guy on the phone and the technician said “ why haven’t you phoned us earlier about this problem, we could of sorted it out ages ago”  so in future I will get in touch sooner about any issue and not sit and fester and then come on here and moan. 
once again, many thanks