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Intermittent Upload Dropouts

Every few weeks, maybe once a month, our upload speed crashes down to about 4Mbps, where as it normally sits at around 36Mbps.

I stream on twitch, it's a big hobby of mine, but when it does this is makes it all but impossible to do.

Basically every now and then, the frames I'm sending out will crash down to hardly anything and make it unwatchable. This can go for 30minutes to several hours. 

While this happens I usually check task manager and check the performance tab. When this is occuring it's always spiking like crazy. When I test the speed, download is great (350ish) but the upload is tanked down to 4. My partner's PC shows the same thing (note: she isn't streaming or uploading anything).

Both PCs show that they are not uploading anything (other than the stream) and the 2 phones and one tablet are not uploading. Given both PCs show it's happening I'm lead to assume this on Virgin's end?

A sidenote, I will often drop frames in small amounts (maybe 400 frames which is just a few seconds) maybe 2 or 3 times over a 3 hour period, which is a problem I've not seen others have but isn't that disruptive, but as it may be linked I thought I'd mention it.

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Forum Team (Retired)
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Re: Intermittent Upload Dropouts

Hello @JEMcG,


Welcome to the community page, thanks for posting.


I am sorry for the dropouts recently.


I have located your account and can see your Hub has not been rebooted for a couple of months, can you please reboot it and then let me know how the speeds are?



Forum Team

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