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Intermittent Loss of Broadband Connectivity

I have Virgin Hub 3.0 which I've been using for several months without any issues. However as of ~3 weeks ago I've experienced intermittent loss of broadband connectivity on both hardwired (ethernet) and wifi. 

Connectivity is usually restored a few minutes later but many times I have to restart the Hub. I've begun to log stats whenever my home server loses connectivity as as of yesterday and it's as follows:

16/04/2017 15:48:30 Log Start
Failure Start Length
17/04/2017     06:44:11     0:00:29
17/04/2017     09:05:33     0:03:42
17/04/2017     12:13:43     0:02:45

I've called on previous occasions and I'm told each time there are no issues in my area. Although not prolonged outage it is annoying when I'm playing an online game and lose connectivity. 

Any ideas? Let me know if you need any further information from me. 


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Re: Intermittent Loss of Broadband Connectivity

Hi hickman01,

Welcome to the community and thanks for posting.

Sorry to read you are experiencing intermittent broadband connection. I can imagine how annoying this must be.

Looking at your connection, the line and hub have come back as fine. I was unable to find any issues that would cause these disconnections.

Do you notice any lights change on the router at all?

Can you post the network log from the router settings please? To do this type in in the address bar, no need to sign in, click on Check router status and within here you will see Network Log. If you can copy/paste this information, that would be helpful.

Let me know how you get on


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