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Intermitted connection slow speeds and insane jitter

Area 14 internet has been rough for a few months now with drop outs and speeds as low as 1.07mbps and jitter 470average ,my usual speed is anything from 185mbps  to 230mbps with upload around 8mbps the ironic thing is now I have less than 2 down I have 22up ha.

after being with virgin for 3 years with the last 16 month going from 150mb to only getting 5mb I had enough and left after seeing everyone receiving discounts on there bill I got a pathetic £10 reduction once,5 month later I got a call from virgin begging me to come back saying it had Been fixed and it hasn’t been too bad speed wise for last year but I’d like to add for gaming online  it’s rubbish high ping always lots of jitter and drop outs but I will be seeking a termination of my contract due to not receiving an acceptable service after being a loyal customer for several years 


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