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Inconsistent speed test results

Joining in

Hi all,

So I recently got a Virgin media hub 3 after starting a different broadband contract. Part of the contract has a MINIMUM guarantee speed of approx 120mbps.

I ran an independent speed test (ookla, speedtest etc) on my PC (connected via ethernet) and got speeds of 75mbps. I then used the virgin media connect app which stated I was getting speeds of 250mbps into my router.

The inconsistency is frustrating as, if I was to phone to raise my concerns, the customer service agent will most likely quote the speeds provided on the app and disregard my concerns. Does anyone know why there is a discrepancy and what is possibly causing me getting 50% of my minimum guaranteed speed?



75mbps suggests the  PC is connected over a network cable that has de-rated from 1000 to 100Bb/s

If the PC has a 1 Gb/s network adaptor replace the network cable with a CAT6A or better to sustain a 1Gb/s link with capacity to spare.

From the Hub 3's "Connected devices" menu we  can see the Ethernet link speed shown as 1000 or 100Mb/s. 

The computer's network status will also show the link speed as 1Gb/s or 100Bm/s.

Either end of the connection can decide to de-rate to 100Mb/s if the network cable is out of spec & causing errors / retries.

That worked, thanks for the advice!