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I upgraded to m250 from m125 but feel conned

On our wavelength

As title.  I upgraded to m250 on 19th sept at a cost of £30 per month. I never heard anything until I got an email or two saying it had all gone through and these had attachments with contracts. When i looked at the contract it seems i'm paying more for the M125 service and not getting the M250 service that I purchased.  I phoned your customer service and they said that the M250 never went through and I was signed up to a new M125 18 month contract under the guise that I was on the M250. It also seems that even though I had an 18 month contract that started in august 2022, I was surprised to find the 18 months were up yesterday the 3rd of October.  So basically I've been conned.  I'm paying more for the same service on a new 18 month contract that I didn't want.

Edit: I have documentation to back up my claim.

EDIT2: After a few hours of being passed pillar to post, I finally got a helpful person called Katy who rectified the situation.

Always check your contracts VM send.


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Wifi speed does not count


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