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Hub4 Upgrade

Joining in

I have Gig1 and need to replace my hub4 with a hub 5 as need wifi6 and 2.5Gbps Ethernet port. 

How can I request a hub upgrade please ?. I have a very large household (10/12 people) and nearly 100 devices. Given I pay for the top package speed wise I need the super hub 5 please. 



You shall need to use the Hub 5 in modem mode with a 3rd Party  Router.
In router mode the Hub 5 will soon fail given the number of devices that you propose to have connected.

Fibre optic

Hate to break the bad news but Hub 5 is not a miracle to cure to Wi-Fi speed. Using the Hub 5 on a 1Gb package is bit like trying to run with boots. As already mention just get your own Wi-Fi router, decent router only cost about £60 

M125 Volt powered by TP-Link Archer AX55

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi padpadpadpad50,

Thanks for posting 🙂 I can see from our side you've been able to speak to us about this and get things resolved. If you do still need help with anything please let us know.