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How do I get a hub3?

downloaded Virgin connect app cos got slow wifi and no wifi upstairs. It wants me to scan my hub3 but I don’t have one. Tried online and get a message saying I can’t change my package online???


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Re: Hub3

To be honest all the hubs have poor wifi, I have a Hub 4 and it has the same poor wifi range. You would probably be better of investing in a decent third party router, that way you can put the Virgin Hub into modem mode and let the router deal with all the traffic. This would give you better wi-fi coverage and if you go for the likes of a wi-fi 6 capable router you would get better speeds. There are loads of options from Asus, TP Link etc and seeing as the VM Hubs are well known for their lack of wi-fi capabilities you would be better of using your own equipment, especially if you are suffering from poor wi-fi coverage and speed. I know it's a case of having to spend money that you shouldn't have to, but it really is worth it and gives you a better all round stable internet experience.

If you still want to contact Virgin it's best to ring VM on or just after 8am or alternatively you can wait here for a Virgin staff member to pick it up, but this will typically be between 5-10 days, sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on how busy they are 🙂

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