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Hub3 not connecting to vm connect

Joining in

Hub3 not connecting to vm connect. Reading other posts i see similar issues. When i log on to virgin media to actually get a real person to help i feel i am goung around in circles as theres no provision to actually talk to somone. Ive reset logged in and out, i have a two stoey house and speeds are iften interuptued upstairs and in the back room of the ground floor. Can i get pods without this roundabout of testing


On our wavelength

Same problem with Connect app. Tells me there are no devices connected even though my device is checking speed of hub. When I try to scan it asks if I am at home and need to connect to my home network so, even though I know from carrying my computer around the house, that I have a few bad areas, I dont have the app to prove it and order pods. I have a hub3 and volt 350 so I believe I have wifi max and its guarantee. The old app worked when I did not particularly need good wifi upstairs but my daughter works from home and more oftrn than not has to work in the living room where the rest of us are living


"need to connect to my home network"

Turn off all forms of VPN, Apple Private Browsing tools, Android DNS changers.

On our wavelength

Dont have any of those to turn off