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Hub 5

Can someone please explain the benifits of the hub 5 please, I have one and since its been installed my Internet speed is slower, I have trouble with the amount of devices I have connected at once (as in when more are used the Internet is either not working at all or very slow) and I now do not get the Internet in 2 rooms upstairs and the garden, when I had the old hub 4 I had none of these issues. Yet when I spoke to customer service they said I would have to pay an extra 5 pound a month for a booster, I think that's a con as the new hub is not compatible with the app therfore I can not do the speed test that would entitle me to a free booster plus I'm already paying for a service that I am not receiving why should I have to pay more, even if it is just 5 pound a month that's 60 a year for a service that I'm already paying for? Iv been a customer for 10 years now and pay over 100 a month, if this is how loyal customers are being treated would I be better off looking elsewhere??

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Re: Hub 5

It's irrelevant really as the boosters (well pods is what they now supply), aren't currently compatible with the Hub 5 anyway., so even if you were able to get one or two, they just wouldn't work.

Your best bet might well be to contact VM and demand that they swop the Hub 5 back out for a 4 if that worked perfectly well for you.

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Hub 5

Easier to put hub in modem mode and get your own wifi router with 1Gb ports