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Hub 4 and Volt Gig1 Upgrade - Slow speed


A couple of weeks ago I was offered an upgrade from my existing M500 broadband package to the Volt Gig1 package (as a result of being an O2 customer).

I jumped at the chance to get this free upgrade and received my new Hub 4 (to replace my Hub 3) in the mail a few days later.

Set it all up successfully and ever since then I've been disappointed in the speed.

With the previous hub 3 / m500 package, I was happy I was getting speeds consistent with the offering.

Now, with the Hub 4 / 1gb package, the Sam Knows realspeed check is telling me the speed to the Hub 4 is around 1100mbps, which is fine.  The speeds from the Hub 4 to the device is anywhere from 300 - 500 for downloads.  Similar to what I was on with M500.  The upload speed has increased from 36mbps to around 50mbps which i think is correct.

I've run the tests via the My Virgin App and it's telling me there is a technical problem.  So, I called the helpdesk and they said do a pin hole 60sec reset.

I also tried connecting a laptop to the Hub 4 with a cat 6 ethernet cable and the Sam knows said the speed from the Hub to the PC was 300 mbps.

Really disappointed that after trying all these different checks and tests, my wifi is disappointingly slow.  And I am very concerned that a laptop hardwired to the router is so slow too.

What can I do to get the speed coming out of the Hub 4 to the devices to be better.  I'm happy that the speed coming into the house is ok.  Is the hub 4 faulty?

Regretting changing to this new package as I think my hub 3 / m500 package was better.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Re: Hub 4 and Volt Gig1 Upgrade - Slow speed

You can't get over 500mb over wifi, the hub uses wifi 5 technology so not the latest wifi 6.


Perhaps your laptop isn't very fast, have you ruled out your own hard wire equipment being the bottleneck?

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