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How long does downgrading my broadband take

Tuning in

I downgraded my broadband from 1 gig to 500m and just want to know how long it will take and how it works.



Once the speed change has been actioned by VM, the Hub will need to be restarted to collected the M500 profile.

The flip side of that is ...

... should you find the Hub to be super reliable and decide it does not need restarting, the Gig 1 profile it has now is the one it will keep on using.

Make of that what you will.

the only reason I wanted to downgrade is because my ps5 upload speed won’t go past 5 with this new internet so I’m hoping this will fix it as I’ve seen other people with 1 gg internet complain about the same thing

Are you quite sure it is not the PS5's speed test reporting spurious figures.

Using the PS5 browser try this test :

Be sure to click on "Run full test" to see the upstream figures.

Yes done this many times there’s so many people with the Same issue I can’t game online because my ping is so high 

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

@SWoodside wrote:

I downgraded my broadband from 1 gig to 500m and just want to know how long it will take and how it works.

Downgrades usually take 30 days to take effect.  Your billing won't change until then. It may also start a new minimum term 18 month contract. This should have been explained to you when placed the downgrade request.

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What is the latency at you Hub and at your PS5 from the Realspeed test ?

Latency figures in a game that vastly exceed this are being incurred beyond your connection to the internet i.e. in the game servers.

They didn’t explain this but thank you. The speed test was fine 174 download witch is slow but the upload was 50 for the device but ps5 speed test says nothing over 5 usually 2 mb every game is the same I had talk talk with 250mb and it was so much better 

Realspeed reported the PS5 as 174/50  ( over WiFi I suspect )

But the PS5 speed test was  ???/5 Mb/s

Ignore the speed test of the PS5 it is not giving meaningful results for the Upstream.  

There does not appear to be any issue with the VM service on upstream or downstream.

It’s wired connection and the speed was 890 down and 3 up just tried again there