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How hard can it be!

I've just checked what I might be able to to get.  The website says I can get the M600 bundle.  I have no idea what that includes but I suspect it might mean we can get faster broadband, which is something I'm after.

Is there a way to buy this package?  Not that I can find!

Anyone know the best way of paying VM more money?  Because I'd gladly do it if they'd let me.

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Re: How hard can it be!

M600 is Ultimate Oomph only, so you'd need to take the £99/139 package. 

** I work for VirginMedia but all opinions posted here are my own.
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Re: How hard can it be!

Phone up and select options for changing your package, that's the only real way.  The agents will be looking for a cross-sell or up-sell, so ask about faster speeds, but play hard to get if they're looking to push you into a bigger bundle, and tell them "I could take the package, but the price is a problem" and see what they come up with. 

VM's average revenue per cable customer is about £52 per month, you can see the advertised new customer deals on price comparison sites, so keep that in mind!  You won't get near the new customer prices unless you're speaking to the retentions agents and they are convinced that you can and will leave, which takes some gamesmanship, but there's still deals on offer short of that. 

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