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How can I speak to a human to resolve my numerous issues?

I have been attempting to speak to a human for the last few months. I have been on hold for 1hr 52mins only to be cut off! I have been via chatbot, facebook which got me a contact! I did as requested and contacted the number...No one got back to me. As with most of us during Covid19, now looking for alternatives to keep an income. I am trying to study and launch another business arm, online. i upgraded to 500mb and I know we can range FROM 300mb, but we are lucky to get 270mb! The fact that me, my wife, and my two children are all attempting to use the internet should not be an issue with the contracted/guaranteed level I am paying for! I would say that this could be disputed by many!

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: How can I speak to a human to resolve my numerous issues?

Over a wired or wireless connection?

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