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High ping spikes every day

Hi there, I’m getting some serious latency issues on a daily basis. Around 8pm onwards, my internet speed drops by half and I have pings as high as 80. its been happening for almost 2 months now. Where as before I had a stable 350mbs down and 9 ping.

Tried all the usual, router restarts. Made sure I’ve had one device connected at a time via Ethernet with WiFi turned off in case it’s a bandwidth issue but it still appears to be the same. Doesn’t matter if I’m plugged in via Ethernet or WiFi etc. Tried a tracert and the latency definitely occurs outside my network. Can anyone help me with this?

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Re: High ping spikes every day

Hi TomC88,


Thanks for your post and welcome to the community.


Sorry to hear of the various issues you've been facing with your broadband connection. From taking a look at the back end of your services, I can see that there are some problems with your downstream power levels which may be the causing you these issues.


I've booked you in with the earliest engineer appointment which you can find the appointment time slot of via your online account here. Your appointment can be rearranged from there if the time booked isn't suitable for you.


Let me know if you need anything else.


Kind regards,