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High Latency

Hi, my connection is horrendous. 

I’ve had virgin for years. Moved June 2020 to a new area. Installed Virgin again and upgraded to M350. Problems within a week. Engineer attended and provided a new Hub3. One I had been issued was refurbished. This improved the connection. Intermittently, I’ve had issues through the months that followed but was bearable. Issues relate to High latency / ping. Speed tests generally are fine and above minimum requirements. 181. Around Boxing Day 2020, the issues got worse. Major spiking and regular drops. I called Virgin and eventually they answered, straight away they ignored what my issues were and just logged an ofcom speed monitor, which they said would end on the 26th Jan. I waited and lived with the issues. On the 24th Jan, I received an email from Virgin, advising that my speed had not dropped below the minimum for 3 consecutive days. On my Birthday, 26th Jan, I was unable to video call to my family as the connection just kept dropping intermittently. I called Virgin again but could not get through until 7pm. Just kept telling me to call back later. When I did get through I was then on hold waiting my turn, only to be cut off at 8pm.

I have tweeted and they point me here, once again, here I am trying to fix your (virgin) connection. please please someone help. 


I spoke to virgin today 28th Jan. Initially I was told there is an issue that was noted on the 25th Jan and related to network utilisation in my area because everyone is working from home?! 

I asked to speak to a manager as my internet connection is not reliable and this isn’t what I am paying for. The lady went away and came back two minutes later telling me that no managers were available as they are in a meeting, but I would receive a call back within 3 hours. 3 hours and 5 minutes later I received a call, from the manager. Who explained the same thing. A fault, wait what a fault? No sorry network utilisation, now what is it a fault or not a fault and so on... it’s been passed to the engineering team for rectification within 7 days. Well do I get compensated... no as it’s not a loss of service?! So I’m paying for a network that is not fit for purpose but there’s nothing I can do? 

Ofcom Reference from the speed tests, (I was running out of avenues...)  obtained but I have no further info of any results, if anything is or was recorded. 

What can I do about this? I am in a contract until June 1st 2021. But feel I am not getting what I am paying for and I would like either a reliable fix or to end my contract? I don’t feel like I’m asking too much? 

I have 3 children and a brother in law all home schooling, I work from home on occasions but it’s just impossible with the constant drops in connection. 

And yes I’ve been here before, I have some knowledge of Networks / WiFi. I’ve negated WiFi by hardwiring the bedrooms for laptop school use, no different in terms of connection.

I also know about the downstream / upstream mV etc. I’ve looked it up myself, and it seems my downstream mV are all around 10mV, which I’m led to believe is in the upper limit range for a connection.

So here’s my BQM. Can anyone, help or test or tell me how to escalate this so someone listens.

Last bit of info. If I Ping -t Google DNS, my results are 16ms ranging 250ms.



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