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Help with connection/speed

Joining in

Just installed virgin broadband 108Mbps M100 fibre, it works fine in the living room where the router is but in bedrooms a little further there is no connection or super slow.

My question: Will this problem be solved if I upgrade to M200 fibre and 213Mbps?

Or do I solve it with an extender?

Or does it help to switch provider? i currently have virgin media trial.

Help please

We are three people sharing the flat.


Dialled in

I'm assuming the devices in the bedrooms are wireless? Most likely upping your hub speed won't do a great deal, you need an extender ideally

Fibre optic

Upping your speed will do absolutely nothing to help the WiFi speed issue, it will however transfer a little more money from your wallet to VM’s.

So absolutely don’t do this!

The ‘extenders’ will be the VM pods which may well work, but will cost you an extra £8 a month, and as such are a particularly poor deal.

Your best bet is probably to get your own WiFi router and stick the hub into ‘modem’ mode - there are plenty of posts on here about how to do this.

For some reason, which have never been properly explained, the VM hubs are often criticised for poor WiFi performance and getting your own equipment takes this out of the equation.

Wifi is actually an awkward thing to deal with - all you need is for someone next door to install some kit that clashes with yours and all bets are off. WiFi is no respecter of wall or property boundaries.