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Help with backup

Hope someone can help, but, the time that Windows is taking to perform a simple Maintenance backup, scheduled to back-up new or changed files since the last back-up (every week) these days is terrible! I started the last one four hours ago and I've just put the nineth (9th) CD-R in but it's only up to 43% complete!!! Am I doing something wrong?

Using Windows 10, x64
3.00 GB RAM
Have Fibre 20 with 30GB data but only use approx 8GB per month
234GB data free of a total 297GB

Haven't been able to carry out a back-up since I upgraded to Windows 10 last year!!! It used to take no time at all and use just 1 disk, help!


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Re: Help with backup

Yes get out the 90s and stop backing up windows.

You are probably the only person who does this - and anyway this is nothing to do with the internet connection
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Re: Help with backup

A CD-R holds only 700 MB! Why not use something else such as a flash drive, optical drive or portable drive. I back up my data to an internal drive, a NAS and to cloud.

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Re: Help with backup

What does this have to do with Broadband Speed?


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Helpful Answer

Re: Help with backup

3GB memory spec's suggest this is not a new PC/laptop. If you did an in-situ upgrade to Win 10 then there will be a lot of bloated remnants on your device from the previous operating system which will, no-doubt, have increased your backup times and storage capacity requirements.

Follow Roger_Gooner's suggestion and consider some kind of external device (hard drive etc.) to back up to.

This will work best/quickest if you are using USB 3.0 connections or above (which you may probably not have at the moment).

I use 'Macrium Reflect Free' for backups which is a brilliant program, very reliable and, of course, ..... free!

Suggest you find a friendly local PC shop (Trustmark, Which Trusted Trader recommended etc. etc.) and go ask them for some help/advice on the issue.

None of this has anything to do with broadband speed, so one of the forum team or super users may re-home it in a better location.