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Happy Customer


There seems to be a lot of unhappy customers here with speed related problems.

I joined on Jan 12th, so just over 2 months I ordered the vivid350 but was not available to me so settled for the 200, I did want the full package but discovered i was still in contract with sky til august so just got the phone and broadband installed.

The 2 guys that turned up were more than happy to do what i wanted. Cable up the wall drilled into the eaves, ran cable through the loft then down into the bedroom where i wanted it.

my speedtests on on are always a constant 220ish

Hopefully virgin will upgrade me to the vivid 350 soon.

At this time i would like to praise virgin, but could change in the future as more people get added in my area, which was done in jan, i was in the first few to get.

WELL Done virgin



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Re: Happy Customer

If vivid 350 is not available to you then it will be. It went from my area for about a year and 200 was the highest I could get - but they were doing upgrades and now it runs perfect 24/7 so let's hope that's the plan for your area also.

When it comes to my service I am also very happy.
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