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HDU-200 - Why did I need it?

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Dec 2022: VM installed on existing but unused for many years cable. V unreliable. Several engineer visits. Couldn't fix. Just started working a few days after final eng visit. Was v stable with no post RS errors. Best guess - something was fixed in street cabinet.

April 2022: Constant disconnections. Multiple RS errors.

Yesterday: Eng visit. Installed an HDU-200. Stable since.

I realise the signal must be low and needed a boost, but I am annoyed with myself I didn't ask the eng why it would have suddenly dropped after being stable for 4 months. Anyone care to speculate or can a forum mod look at the eng report on the visit?

many thanks



Is this is the item :

If the signal levels drop it is hard not to conclude the cable has been switched to a lower power connection at the street cabinet.

Fibre optic

To expand on Client62’s answer above, it is quite possible that a neighbour of yours, connected to the same street cabinet, had an issue. When the tech turned up to ‘fix’ it, what they did was to identify it as a low power issue and the obvious fix is to to move their connection to a lower attenuated tap in the cabinet.

Fine, except what happens if there isn't a free port in the cabinet? The temptation is to simply move someone else’s connection and this frees up a socket for them. The job that have been sent to fix is recorded as successfully done, they tick off another successful call/job. Of course in doing so they may well have caused issues for another customer, but the important thing here is that ‘this is not their problem’!

Thats actually your problem and a problem for the next tech to come out to you - who seems to have fitted a powered amp to mitigate against the low power values; note that this isnt necessarily always a good option as it also amplifies noise/interference’, but it seems in your case it’s working so let’s not knock it!

Of course, all, of the above is pure speculation  - not unreasonable though!

On our wavelength

Thanks both. We had speculated a neighbour just bought VM and had somehow shared my connection in the street cabinet. I don't particularly like having the booster - another thing to get hot/use power/go wrong - but as you said, it's working...