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Guildford NEW broadband connection issues - 350mbps to 20mbps

Hi I moved to mew new home in Guildford with Virgin and took out the old internet provider.

I'm paying for a 350mbps connection. My computer that i use for the 'work from home' situation is only getting an avereage of 20mbps just like my old provider. This is apauling and i am not happy one bit with this.

I have tried making sure my ethernet connection is the same as i had it back in my old place - in greater manchester, Salford - 100 mbps connection - on average got 80- 90mbps - but that doesnt do anyhting.

I've checked the PC to make sure it has the capacity for the speeds i want, that seems to be able to handle up to a 1gb connection. 

My next option is to get a Cat6 ethernet cable and make sure nothing is connected to the 1300mbps power line connector from tplink. Again this was the exact set up from home in salford. I move down south and not only is the water quality poor but my internet connection is too.

Please help.

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Re: Guildford NEW broadband connection issues - 350mbps to 20mbps

Hi Tom_wolland,


Thanks for your post and welcome to the community. 


I'm sorry you're not getting the speeds we'd expect since moving in to your new property.


I've had a look at the backend of your services and I'm not able to see anything that would causing any problems, in fact it all looks good. 


You've mentioned changing the cable. What cable are you currently using?


Can you please make sure all the wires/connections are tight and secure?


Can you put the hub in modem mode and re-test the speed using


If you've tried all that and you haven't noticed any difference, can you try performing a factory reset? This is done by poking a paperclip or similar into the pinhole labelled RESET for at least 20 seconds. Please bear in mind that any settings or passwords would revert to their default and disconnect any wireless device.





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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Guildford NEW broadband connection issues - 350mbps to 20mbps

Connecting via a powerline plug may well slow you down since the wiring will be different from your old house.

What wired speed do you get connected direct to the hub and not via the powerline plug?

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