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Good download Speed but slow browsing speed

Hello there,

Hoping someone could help, 

Ever since the start of having VM, we have been having somewhat slow browsing speeds and slow webpages loading on all of our devices. When we try and load a webpage, we would receive a "Cannot reach host" or Cannot load said webpage. It wasn't that troublesome in the beginning as we just learnt to adapt to it however with more and more people using VM at the moment due to Covid and with some of us working from home, it has got worse and we rely on a stable connection which can load webpages quick. 

Download speeds are perfectly fine and same with upload, but its just general browsing, at times we would have to refresh the page a few times for it to load.

Fixes I have tried: 

- Using different browsers (Chrome/Firefox/Edge - Safari on my Mac) 

- Restarting the Router 

Any help would be much appreciated here,



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