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Gig1 Upload Unusable

I've been struggling with upload speeds for several months in RM7, with speeds of between 1-2Mpbs during the working day, making it almost impossible to host Zoom calls and do basic day-to-day work activities. Upload is fine very early in the morning and overnight, but during the day it is unusable. 

About 6 weeks ago I upgraded from 500Mbps to the Gig 1 flagship offering, boasting of 1Gbps download and 50Mb upload peaks. I obviously didn't expect to ever see the maximum speeds and I do not, but I did expect to see around half. I don't think it is unreasonable to expect 500Mbps and 25Mbps even during peak times.

If anything, since moving to Gig1 my upload has deteriorated even further. I have had several engineers come out to visit, with the last one being after my Gig1 was installed. He (ManTech) confirmed my levels, cabling and the router are operating correctly, but for some unexplained reason, SamKnows shows that my upload is running extremely slowly.

Without prompting he left his mobile number and said he'd be raising it with his manager. I've heard nothing so I called him, no answer. I have written a complaint to Virgin Media in Sunderland and received a response that they will provide a resolution in 28 days - complaint number C-26012191. 

Given the shoddy customer service I've received for the last several months, the lack of continuity or an escalation process, the complaint is my last attempt short of taking it to the regulator. I feel that if you sell a product, that product should live up to its billing.

The ManTech muttered something about it being a known problem which will be addressed probably with a software update. If that's the case, why are Virgin selling a service which they know full well cannot deliver what they say it does. 

I've been an NTL and Virgin customer consistently for 20+ years, but brand loyalty doesn't seem to matter in the slightest to Virgin, you get absolutely zero priority and zero attention. Every time you call up it's like the first time they've heard from you. How many times have I heard "I'm going to run some tests on your router" from the miscellaneous call center, followed by "I can get an engineer to visit you in 7-10 days". 


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