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G73 Broadband Fault

Joining in

Is there any update on the issue in G73?

My Gig1 speeds are less than 100 Mbps and the latest info on the Service Status page gives an estimated fix date of 5/7/23. 

It’s been like this since early last week!



For local service issues try the automated number : 0800 561 0061

Thanks but this tells me exactly the same information except with no estimated fix date. 

Hello MarkP255


Thanks for posting in regards to the broadband speed issues and local area fault, we understand the frustration and appreciate you contacting us via the forums and welcome to the community.


From checking we can see there is currently a known area issues impacting your services, this has n estimated fix time of the 5th July at 4pm, it is logged under reference F010751831. Rest assured the engineer will be working hard to fully resolve this as quickly as possible.