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For People With Speed Issues

Hi all,

If you're having issues with your internet speed there a couple of things that can be resolve this below.

  • Check all connections to Isolator(plug on wall), Splitters and Superhub make sure they're all hand tight don't over tighten with a spanner just tighten till you feel the some resistance. 
  • Power off superhub for 30 seconds and power back on again for all super hubs 1 to 3. 
  • If all fails above try a hard reset by using a pin on labelled reset (Bare in mind this will delete all user data your wi-fi settings will be reset and you have reset wi-fi it again). 

If all above still fails to solve the speed issue you can just post some logs below so people can see and give advice. To do this just follow the instructions below:

  • Open web browser doesn't matter which one you use type 192.168. 0.1 into the address bar if your using just the super hub not your own wifi router or if you're using your own router.
  • You should see a login screen for all super hubs 
  • Click Router Status Tap you don't have to login at the bottom under login for superhub 3 (should be on the top corner of screen for superhub 1,2 and 2ac.)
  • (Superhub 3) Just highlight the information you see in the tables below and right click, copy and paste into your post.
  • (Superhub 3) Then click downstream, upstream, configuration and network log and copy & paste all the information in the tables into your post for each one you click.
  • (Superhub 1,2 and 2AC). Just highlight all information you see in the tables below then copy and paste into your post.

You can post on my post or you can create your own. Remember to give your location not your exact address just the first line of post code (Example SW1) and area reference number (Example i'm in area 20) so people can tell which area your in and it will give an indication for others if virgin are having issues in a area or not. 

I missed some info on another post about upstream bonded channels should be 4 not 2 😋. I've been a customer of virgin for 30 years back on the days of cable and wireless. Had all 3 Super hubs. Take advice of a tech or someone who is working for virgin on the chat forum. I have some advice on wi-fi channels and congestion below. 

Thank you.

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