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[Feedback] Hub 5 - We do like it fast VM Team.

On our wavelength

I have to give it to you Virgin Media, you have made me happy. Now when Gig1 became available many months ago in my area, I upgraded right away, I would literally visit every week or so to check if I had it yet.

2 days ago, I renewed my contract with you guys which now ends in 2025 which also gave me your beautiful HUB. Download speeds have since dramatically increased.

HUB4 [Ethernet] gave me ~900Mbps Download and 52Mbps Upload.

HUB4 [WiFi] gave me ~700 Mbps Download and 52Mbps Upload.


HUB 5 [Ethernet] Gives me 1152Mbps Download and 52Mbps Upload. 

HUB 5 [WiFi] Gives me ~900 Mbps Download and 52Mbps Upload. 


OVH Speedtest: 3443839900211420-XH7GVieG 



Sam Knows:



I 100% recommend Virgin Media if you are hoping to join with them for any package, especially if you're hoping to get your hands on Gigabit. I do have to say, this makes up for the outage the other week. Thanks again from the team! 😁



Dialled in

Alright for some …

Us lowly 1 gb customers north of Watford (for over a year now) get nothing!!


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Well that's great to hear a positive review on here for a change.  Hope the Hub 5 works out well for you.

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