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Fed up withthis high latency packet loss

Tuning in

im really fed up with your phone customer service,totally useless,language understanding issue,I got 1 gig volt installed on the 25th Jan,I run the hub5 in modem modem to asus rt-ax86u router with cat6,on wired connection I'm  seeing high latency and packet loss in my think broadband monitor,I explained it not constantly but random packet loss/latency spikes  as it showing up in the bqm app over the last 7 days,but in truth it's been like this mostly since 24th Jan,they sent a enginer out the beginning of March to fix high power levels on the hub5,some days it runs fine but I'm seeing these issues most days,the latency is terrible compared to my old bt connection,phoned customer service who test my line and says it's fine so nothing they can do



Alessandro Volta
Your BQM looks fine...maybe time to reinstall your PC?