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Now VM have completed their DOCSIS 3.1 upgrade across their network,I was wondering if VM have published any of their roadmap for upgrading their network to XGSD-PON based FTTP? I only ask as BT was pretty transparent about their plans and it would be great to get an idea of when each area will get the upgrade, my understanding thus far is they plan to be using their existing ducts. I assume this approach means for a while at least, they will be running part HFC and part FTTP based full IP delivery rather than RFOG. Anyway, if anyone has seen any links on news sites or the like (I’ve been googling for a while, as well as checking the usual sites ISPreview etc) 


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VM Hub5 on Gig1, Etc etc

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I follow these things, and I've seen nothing.  VM's usual policy is to say nothing about deployment plans until work is imminent or has already started, and then only at an area level.  So I'll wager no roadmap. 

There have been press releases/VM comment that mentioned trials in Salisbury, Stoke and Wakefield, but only across 50k customers, so I'm guessing about half of the customer base in each area.  I'd imagine those trials will actually be "to the property", but the wording of the XGS-PON statement was quite cautious, and some well informed commentators in this forum have mooted that the network wide plans are not what you might assume, rather it's putting in true fibre, but only doing the drop-link to properties at some later date as that's the most expensive part of the transition.  If that's the case then for most of us, even when it arrives it's technologically closer to FTTC, and those wanting true FTTP will need to subscribe to a new and yet more pricey package, likely a 5 or 10 Gbps symmetrical package. 

In summary, unless you're exceptionally lucky, don't get your hopes up for PON with VM.  Next big offer is likely to be a simple 2.2 Gbps offer over the existing DOCSIS network, and there's no signs that's imminent.

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