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Extremely slow speeds and huge ping spikes

About a week ago, we have been experiencing extremely slow internet speed and having huge ping spikes. We paid for the 350M plan, but we are only getting 7mbps on ethernet connection. Also, we have been experiencing huge ping spikes going from 27ms to 450ms sometimes even over 3000ms. We’ve tried all the steps online, making sure everything is securely plugged in, unplugging and re-plugging everything, restarting the hub 3 device, factory resetting the device. Nothing solves the problem. We’ve checked the service status in our area, and it says that everything is working fine and nothing was reported. I understand that everyone is working from home and that there may be congestion issues on the internet, but getting 7mbps while paying for the 350 m plan is just taking the **bleep**. (also, it was working fine in the previous lockdown with decent download speed and no ping spikes)

We’ve tried calling virgin media 3 times now, and after a long wait (30+ min) listening to the music, I just got hung up on. Is there anyway we can fix this problem, as we cant get a hold with virgin media.

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