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Erratic Speeds

Joining in

Hi, I have for a very long time been experiencing erratic speeds  an example below. Things will just randomly drop off a cliff and all devices will suffer.

the box has a solid red light  I have posted separately on this subject and am awaiting a reply  

I cannot test the Ethernet as I have no device I can attach other than my tv. 

there are no known faults in my area (or at least that what it says) 

Help and guidance appreciated  







Alessandro Volta
VM wifi at its best so if you want better wifi sure you could ask for pods or you can use hub in modem mode and get your own wifi router with 1Gb ports

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey Anything1286,  thank you for reaching out and I am sorry you are having some connection issues.

I understand these are very frustrating.

However I have just taken a look and I can see there is SNR outage in your area and this has been there for the last few weeks.

This is also due to last until 1st November 2022, sometimes not all SNR outages go on to the service checker. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

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Hi, please can you be more specific about the length of time this issue has been in effect? Like you say it’s not displayed anywhere as being an issue! 

Thank you for your response @Anything1286.

I have had a look into your service on our system and I can confirm the SNR fault has been resolved. Are you still having service issues? Do you need any further help?


Forum Team

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There has been an improvement however it was dropping out at 10mbps frequently. It’s now hovering around the 200mbps to 300. However my package is 500mbps! See below. 


just as soon as I sent that there was a major drop in speed. This issue if not resolved. 


Good Afternoon @Anything1286.

I can see that your hub has an uptime of 19 days.

Can you please either perform a reboot or if possible a pin hole reset on the router for me?

Kindest regards,