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Download speed 6.7Mbps, much too slow.

For the past week or so I've noticed when streaming videos they keep pausing to buffer.  This was when using my laptop connected by wifi to the Hub 3.0  I checked the download speed and it was less than 1Mbps.  Needless to say I was shocked as I'm paying for up to 100Mbps fibre optic.  I hoped it would sort itself out and I wouldn't have to deal with it but it's gone on long enough now. 

So I've plugged in the ethernet cable and ran a speed test using the link on this website with the download speed coming in at 6.7.  Clearly a problem here, I hope someone here from Virgin Media can look into it and find a solution to get my speed back up.

I'll try to add screenshots of the results of the speed test as well as screenshots of the downstream, upstream, and network log here.

1.PNGImage 001.pngImage 002.pngImage 003.pngImage 004.pngImage 005.pngImage 006.pngImage 007.pngImage 008.pngImage 009.pngImage 010.pngImage 011.pngImage 012.png

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Re: Download speed 6.7Mbps, much too slow.

Hi BrendanP,

Apologies for slow speed issues, this may have been due to an area fault with noise on the line.

Currently both Hub and local circuit look to be in good shape, so fingers crossed speeds have recovered for you, though any further concerns please let us know and we'll gladly investigate further.


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