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Door knockers asking about broadband speed

Joining in

I had someone knock on my door this morning saying work had been recently carried out in my area and there'd been complaints from numerous neighbours about broadband speeds due to this.He asked if I could do I broadband speed check but I told him I was busy - Virgin haven't sent me an email about work in area so I'm suspicious. This is about the 3rd or 4th time we've had this sort of thing and I can't see either that it's all above board or, if it isn't, what they can gain from this. Do Virgin ever employ third parties to go around door knocking or, if it's a scam, what are they after? Thanks in advance for any advice



This is a scam to gain entry to the property and to have a look around or worse.

Contact the police if he is still around.

Thanks, I thought it probably was a scam, tho they didn't ask to come in, nor have they before, they just ask us to do a broadband speed check and tell them what it is....