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Do virgin deliberately just waste your time with offers?

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Receive an offer in the email to upgrade my package for £4 if I signed a new 18 month contract, That's fine, Proceed to order last Thursday and still nothing other than confirmation of new speed increase and contract in email.

Today speed hasn't changed so speak to customer services on live chat to be told the offer was for new customers only lol.

How can it be new customers only when I am receiving the email asking if I am happy with my current speed and to boost my speed to 1gb/s from 500mb/s for an extra £4.

Screenshot attached from email, Does this look like an email for new customers lol.

Continuously wasting people's time.


Screenshot 2023-10-08 132721.png



On our wavelength

yeah what you said is true and this is where they get us over the barrel as to say, end of the day they dont abide by there contracts then its obvious I will consider moving to bt as soon as they have there 1gb going, my daughter is a civil servant and needs a connection to the internet at all times, most of the time she works from home but has to go into the office, this is the reason I cant do much at the moment until bt comes up with the goods, also I have no idea how much they want for there top speed when it comes out but hope its not crazy price 

On our wavelength

Just to update you guy's I did get the confirmed contract in the end, I've had the confirmation via email and my speed has also changed now.

Alessandro Volta

Well done for your persistence. 

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My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.

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Adrian did you have to get them to place a new order, or did they just sort it all at their end? I was on the chat with support and they said they have no record of the order, even though I have the confirmation email. As an alternative, they were looking to get me a new order using an alternative approach via Volt, which I declined as it was not the same conditions.

Tuning in

I've been having the same issues for the last 2 weeks, right down to the bait and switch when you speak to customer services. I ended up raising a formal complaint to which they responded today. They've asked me to replace the order due to a "technical issue" on their end with the first order. So at least they're acknowledging the order existed now!

I've been trying to keep track of all the people having this same issue, may come in use should any of us have to ADR;

Hi Joe,

No I didn't place a new order, Alex a forum moderator PM'd and kindly passed my details on and that seemed to have got the ball rolling.

It may be worth ringing them again, If you have the confirmation emails like I did I am sure it will get sorted for you.

Remember Virgin do these enticement offers to reel people in to bigger yearly price increases, as your next price increase would be calculated on your new equivalent FULL retail package price (never on discounted price) which is likely to be more than the previous package you were on.

This is why those £3 offers have been suddenly descending on people (friend got one at their address, but ignored it as happy with M125 which gives around 140mbps). Looks tempting till the yearly price increase comes and boom!

Thank you for posting some advice Adrian1976, as mentioned we are willing to try and resolve anything we can just let us know if anyone needs any help . Cheers 

Matt - Forum Team

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