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Do virgin deliberately just waste your time with offers?

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Receive an offer in the email to upgrade my package for £4 if I signed a new 18 month contract, That's fine, Proceed to order last Thursday and still nothing other than confirmation of new speed increase and contract in email.

Today speed hasn't changed so speak to customer services on live chat to be told the offer was for new customers only lol.

How can it be new customers only when I am receiving the email asking if I am happy with my current speed and to boost my speed to 1gb/s from 500mb/s for an extra £4.

Screenshot attached from email, Does this look like an email for new customers lol.

Continuously wasting people's time.


Screenshot 2023-10-08 132721.png



Excellent; so nothing that would give them any sort of get-out then! 

Now as per the 2014 Consumer Rights Act, and the various accepted Contract Laws, it does seem therefore quite clear that VM (the first party) has made an offer to you (the second party), which you have accepted. Legally then, a contract has been made and this is binding on both parties. The Law doesn't actually accept, 'well I'm sorry we are completely incompetent and didn't intent it to apply to 'xyz'!

Now it is obvious that the underlaying issue is a complete disconnect between various parts of VM's operations. One section makes an offer whereas another part has no idea of it; (I suspect their marketing department is completely out of control and making all sorts of offers, irrespective of whether they are possible or legal!)

Anyhow now, in your case, VM have no get out, they are legally obliged to give you the service offered and accepted on the relevant terms. Now if they refuse, you have two choices, either pursue it, and go legal, which is time consuming or give it up and decide that you will never, ever deal with VM again and, indeed advise everyone you deal with to not engage with VM on the grounds of them being; well from your experience; crooks!

Alessandro Volta

Nothing new here. We've seen for years now that VM is a disparate group of departments with little if any effective communication between them. Each is limited to its own script and has no ability to step outside to help customers.

It's a pretty awful arrangement, leading to the bottom of any review of customer satisfaction. 

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My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.

There obviously is some sort of non communication going on it's quite obvious and the amount of mis information you receive makes you wonder what's going on to be honest.

I have no intention of going any legal route I have no time or energy to be bothered.


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Have a read through this thread...

Upgrade - when? - Virgin Media Community - 5417684

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Yep sounds like more of the same without, I'm not too bothered it was a more the principal of it that annoyed me to be honest.

If you are getting nowhere with CS then my suggestion FWIW would be to email the CEO of VM and start your Subject Heading as "Complaint".  I wont post up that persons email address on here in case that is against forum rules however a quick google will find you the relevant details you require.

You wont get a response from the CEO but you will get a response from the Executive Team who are very proficient in these things as I discovered myself recently when they agreed that an offer made directly to me in my name, which I accepted, should of course be honoured by VM. 

Worth a try, don't expect an immediate response I'd imagine it'll take about 7-10 days for them to call you for a chat and they will likely ask you to email them your offer etc through to verify..

Hope this helps?

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I've had same issue


Been waiting and heard nothing other than the confirmation email


Support don't seem to understand or know about the offer so are no help



yes thats the same as mine as well, like you I do have the emails that confirms the 18 month contract, also it is a legal binding contract, this new customers deal yeah they would wouldnt they but the question to that is why did they send you the offer for ?? I am not a new customer either so lets hope they dont pull that trick with me, I have a cousin who is a barrister think ill forward the contract to her see what she says about it, I will give them the 14 days to see what they do if they do nothing then ill send all the evidence I have including contract to my cousin 

This happened to me and I think its a ploy by there 'lower level customer services' - You signup with the deal, nothing happens. Then you get an email saying everything is fine and new contracts. The new contracts have the old speed at a higher price.  You phone customer services and they state the 'upgrade didn't go through'. If this isn't a ploy, why do they all have the same lines they spout?  I'd not wait the 14 days as this is what they want as it'll take longer than 14 days to cancel and then your legally binded as the contract you 'agreed to', but really didn't, was sent to you.

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1 week later and still nothing lol, Just goes to show it's all smoke and mirrors.