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Deco P9

Joining in

Hi all

just received a hub5 and am using set of deco P9 as a wifi mesh, however speeds seem to be limited to 2-300mbps where I can get 700mbps through the VM router on my iPhone. P9s are set to 1000mbps up, 52mbps down. Upload looks fine and is hitting the advertised limit. Any suggestions as to how to release the P9 speed?? Thanks. 


Alessandro Volta

wifi 6


Forum Team
Forum Team

Good Afternoon @Burner72, thanks for your post on our Community Forums, and a very warm welcome to you!

Can you please confirm if the answer provided from @legacy1, has resolved this question for you?

Kindest regards,


Community elder

To elaborate on the above mediocre responses, the Deco P9 kit uses WiFi-5, rather than the HUB 5's WiFi-6 wireless standard which will result in faster speeds on WiFi-6 capable devices, like some iPhones.

Also, the P9 devices use your powerline (Electrical sockets) for the wired connection between your HUB and themselves. This connectivity will never 'see' 1000Mbps as its limited by the technology used.

Hi Carl

outstanding, thank you.

P9 main unit is wired to hub with a cat5 cable. Should I try cat6? Also, 2.4Ghz is disabled. What is concerning is I did a test using the old HUB 3 before I installed the 5 and achieved 400Mbps where I can’t get above 300 with the same set-up and the HUB 5. I’m not expecting it to be bouncing off full bandwidth but something seems to be holding things back???

Technically cat5 is not capable of 1Gbps, unless you missed off the 'e', cat5e?

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi Burner72, thanks for the post on our help forums and welcome to the VM community.

Sorry to hear you're having issues with slow speeds over the wireless mesh network gear you're using, we're eager to best assist with this.

As we cannot guarantee how our hub works with 3rd party equipment, we'd be able to assist by running a few checks to identify if this issue can be resolved with adding Wi Fi Max.

By adding this service on we can guarantee a minimum speed of 20Mpbs over wireless on each device regardless it's location and distance from the hub, by providing up to 3 wireless Pods to boost your signal to spots where it's weak or none.

To identify whether this is suitable for you, we'd need you to scan the rooms for weak and blind spots using the Connect App.

Please, try this and see if a Wi Fi Pod is recommended as a solution to slow speeds and poor connection, as the app will give you the option to order your first Wi Fi Pod online directly from there.

Wi Fi Max is also a free service when on 1Gig fibre or any of our Volt bundles, let us know if you can run the checks and get your pod or we can assist further with this.

Let us know if the above helps and if the advice from our forum members above has also helped with improving your existing equipment connection as well in this case. 
Did you try a different Cat5 or 6 cable to connect the P9 and has this improved things?

Forum Team

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