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Declining Speeds

Joining in

I have been experiencing declining speeds from my Hub 4 router in recent weeks. When switched on in the morning I get good speeds (both up and down - Gig 1 plan). However, as the day progresses the speeds drop off dramatically (down to as low as 5Mbps Down and 15Mbps Up). This to me indicates that there is a problem with the Hub. I have run tests and there seems to be no problem on the incoming side of the router. I have also put the router into Modem mode and I'm experiencing the same problems with my replacement router.

Has anybody got any suggestions. I personally think I need an Engineers appointment as this is the 2nd Hub 4 that I've had problems with inside 12 months.







First call 0800 561 0061 - use the automated service to see if there is a local service issue.

Use the test below to see if the issue is at the Hub or device.

Once the test begins click on: Run full test to see all the stats.
The speed at the Hub should reflect your subscription.