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Daily disconnects in morning, very slow speeds


For the past 3 days, I've been experience frequent disconnects (Superhub 3 completely reboots, goes back to flashing white light), and speeds of no faster than 25Mbps when I'm paying for 350Mbps download. This is not due to wifi, the speeds are that low when wired directly into the Superhub and with different laptops.

I phoned customer services yesterday, I was told this was an area fault and was being fixed. My speeds did go back up later in the day to around 250Mbps. However, the issue is happening again this morning.

The service status "tests" for broadband do not work, and every time simply say "something's gone wrong". I have no way of reporting the issue whatsoever, without calling up the customer service phone line and waiting on hold. However, Virgin Media have now closed their phone lines, so there is no way to even get someone aware of this issue!

Is there anyone on these forums that works for Virgin Media and can assist?

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Re: Daily disconnects in morning, very slow speeds


Please send me a PM with your account number and area ref and I can look into this for you.

Thanks Chris.

To PM just hover over my profile picture and click Send Message when the option comes up. Please don't post any of the info I've asked for in this thread as it's public

Here to help! I'm a technician helping out whilst working from home. Find out more

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