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Customer Service

It’s amazing how they don’t offer a group for poor customer service!

so, last week internet went down about 5 times in a week. Then today my 20Mb upload drops to 0.2Mb. 

I try and go to online chat and give up after a 30 min wait. Although I keep being updated every 2 mins to say I am 2 seconds away from being connected!

so later tonight I decide to phone, after a 15 minute wait I am told it’s a national issue. Then I am explain that a relation 1 mile away with virgin broadband doesn’t have the same issue?  Oh then I am told it’s just my postcode area. So I ask how long to fix? Oh our technicians are working on the problem and it will be between 24-48hrs. So what is the problem? Oh I don’t know!

If the operator doesn’t know the problem, how can they provide a fix time!

Sounds to me like a load of rubbish!

When it’s working Virgin Internet is brilliant but when it goes wrong the customer service and incident communication is awful. So I will phone up the billing team on Monday and let then know I will suspend my direct debit and make only a 66% payment this month as I feel this is the service I have been provided. 

Virgin get your customer service sorted and this includes two factor authentication for security reasons. 

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Re: Customer Service

I'm sorry to hear about the connection trouble experienced paulcally,


I've located your details and I can see that you've spoken directly with the team regarding this.


I've checked your connection and I'm unable to detect any active faults concerning your broadband connection at the moment.


Let me know if you're still facing issues with this,



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